International bill payments

ZymPay enables customers to directly pay service providers abroad for utilities, healthcare, loan repayments, school fees and much more without transferring money. Customers pay in their adopted country, using a payment card - or online banking - in local currency.

For example, with ZymPay a Nigerian living in the UK can pay a relative’s electricity bill in Nigeria, directly and without transferring money to do so.

ZymPay’s reasonable fees and competitive exchange rates, means it is often cheaper to pay a bill in this way than making a money transfer, with added single-step convenience and instant confirmation that a bill has been paid.

For the unbanked receiving family, it means that their bills get paid on time and removes the need for travelling or waiting-in-line. This saves them having to take time off work and the costs of travel too.


  • No money transfer costs
  • Simple, low fee and competitive exchange rate (FX)
  • Time savings for both bill payer and recipient


  • Pay bills in just three taps using the ZymPay app
  • Pay multiple bills in one session using the shopping cart
  • No travelling for the recipient to pick-up cash or waiting-in - line to pay bills
  • End-to-end process with instant confirmation of paid bills


  • Paying bills directly to the service provider gives peace-of-mind
  • Bills can be paid when they fall due
  • Knowing that friends and family get the services they need without money going astray

With ZymPay you can now pay over 300 service providers in Nigeria, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe. More countries will be added in Asia and Africa soon.

International collections

ZymPay lets institutions collect payments from customers overseas, such as mortgages and insurance premiums. This opens new distribution channels and reduces administration costs for institutions abroad, while dramatically improving access and convenience for customers.

Now financial institutions have a fully automated and comprehensive solution for international collections. The service includes automatic reminders and re-collection of failed payments with fully reconciled bulk delivery of funds at an agreed frequency.

For customers, it is a single step and in many cases free. For financial institutions, it dramatically reduces the administrative burden and creates a new digital channel to market their products and services

Benefits for financial institutions

  • Management of FX exposure
  • Elimination of reconciliation requirement of payments received via different payment methods and with wrong or mismatched references
  • Management of late or missed payments as well as legacy arrears
  • Ensuring customer communication via agents reflects corporate brand values
  • Full transparency and timely receipt of funds

Benefits for end-customers

  • The typical method via money transfers is expensive and inconvenient, making small payments - like insurance premiums - unaffordable and a multi-stepped process. With ZymPay there is no fee to the customer
  • ZymPay customers can set-up direct debits or standing orders
  • Reminders that payments are due, reduces late or missed payments